Who We Are
We are a bunch of creatives and strategists who love storytelling, creating visuals, writing and day dreaming. By profession we are all managers who sleepwalk through our days at the office all the while thinking about all things brands and luxury. We are luxury enthusiasts and brand managers with a passion for everything we do.
Our Purpose
The Brand Digest was founded with the intent to help business owners build their brands and create powerful associations amongst their audiences. Our second purpose is to help simplify the luxury industry for all our fellow luxury enthusiasts and help them gain a more practical, real-world understanding of the industry. We want to create a community of like-minded people who possess a similar set of values and principles.
Our Belives
And Values

Meet the Founder

Ishita Choudhary

Ishita founded The Brand Digest in 2021 after years of experience working as a Brand Manager, Luxury Consultant and an International Marketer. With a background in business, she’s always been interested in the business of luxury and brands in dynamic, diverse environments. A caffeinated bookworm with an extreme affinity for the outdoors, she enjoys working in the field and letting her creative juices take over.

meet the founder