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An independent luxury and brand consultancy with a passion for everything luxé!

For as long as we can remember, our hearts have always been in the sky, floating around amidst the clouds. We’re something like the romantics and dreamers at heart. And maybe that’s why we’re fools for brands too. The business of brands is just as much about stories as it is about products and services

So here we are, a team of creatives and brand nerds at this crazy place called The Brand Digest, to help you build the brands of your dreams. We are here to help you build a brand that is not only a business ninja but also a master storyteller. Together, we will bring your dreams to reality.

Our passion lead us here

"Our passion lies not in the products but in the businesses of the brands that sell these products. We don’t simply want to sell products, we want to help you build brands that create emotions and associations by way of selling products."

Our Method

At The Brand Digest we create luxury experiences and brands through creative storytelling, innovative thinking and services. We assist you on your path towards realizing your vision. Whether it’s building a catalogue, devising a business strategy, conceptualizing a brand shoot, composing an eloquent brand story or designing a communication plan, our aim is to give your brand an identity and a voice.

We do not believe in throwing a bunch of questions at you to answer. Instead, we focus on discovering these questions together with you and accompany you on your path to find the answers. We follow a holistic, authentic and a 100% individualistic approach to your branding needs focused on culture and purpose. Because when you stay true to yourself and focus on what’s important, you’re bound to discover success!

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Interested in working with us? Fantastic. We are a small team of dedicated creatives who’re enchanted by everything luxurious. We only work with brands that share our beliefs and values. That is why we begin our journey together with a free consultation session where we get to know you and your brand. Please fill out the form below with your preferred schedule and we will revert back with a possible appointment.

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