October - Kissa Goi

Ishita Choudhary
Anushrie Agrawal

Started by two sisters, Anushrie and Ayushi Agrawal, Kissa-Goi is an art-based, slow fashion brand. Originating from the quaint city of Surat, Gujarat, it is a homegrown attempt by this duo at building a community of artists.

When asked to give a short introduction to her brand, Anushree said “Kissa-goi is a handcrafted utilitarian art brand. We aim to weave stories in the products we create. The products that delight and arouse wonder, maybe also curiosity of how it was made and what thought went behind it.”

Kissa-Goi prides itself on working with 5th-6th generation artisans and supporting the local artists. They “want our products to encourage a smile, a small talk and nostalgia. Many or all of the above.”

As a brand, Kissa-Goi believes in drawing inspiration from the collective experiences and learnings of everyone involved.

1. Tell us the meaning behind your brand name, Kissa-Goi. Where did it come from?

Kissa-goi means telling a tale.

Etymologically, ‘kissa’ means a story or a tale and its suffix ‘goi’ means the act of telling a story. It is an ancient art form of storytelling.

2. Let’s talk about the logo. What was your inspiration behind the logo and what does it signify?

Our logo takes the concept of the name forward. Like in life, events are random but you look back and chronologically connect the dots that make sense and in turn, a story. Each dot is also reflective of the multiple products and artisans that we hope to create and work with.

Again, the space between the second and third row of dots is intentional, a space to read between the lines. Because stories delve deeper once we read between the lines.


3. What inspired you to start Kissa-Goi? What was the idea behind your brand?

We're two curious sisters. Kissa-goi is as much the legacy of our pillow fights and verbal wrestling as the shared curiosity for places and possibilities.

4. What would you say is your USP? And what kind of audience do you target?

We would describe our products and collections as multi-purpose. We have tried to communicate this value through our first edit of detachable jewelry and gender-fluid shirts which can be used in multiple ways and even shared.
The idea behind this is to create beautiful shared spaces and experiences like two sisters sharing the same jewelry or a couple/siblings sharing the same shirt.

5. Kissa-Goi launched not too many years ago. How has the response been so far?

We are getting a lot of love creatively. That is a great form of indirect feedback and direct encouragement. Gives us hope.

6. What’re your hopes for Kissa-Goi? Which direction do you want to take it in?

Forward, onward and upward.

7. Tell us about your new collection?

At the moment we are on track to launch the second edit for both, jewelry and shirt edit one by one. With the jewelry, neck pieces will be the new addition. With Fika shirts, we are keeping a few shirts with lesser embroidery this time incorporating the many client feedbacks.
Our new collection Fika, derives its name from the 19th-century colloquial for coffee, kaffi. Invert kaffi and you get Fika. But it is more than coffee. It refers to the practice to pause, a ritual to refresh, breathe and laugh. Have some coffee and a slice of cake. Not on your desk but with your friends and family.

new collection

8. Is there a message you’d like to convey to the audiences?

Wiser men have said (in this case, Seneca) and we believe, the goal of philosophy is to turn words into works. So let’s get to it.