At The Brand Digest we believe in building a holistic brand experience for both you and your customers. We offer consulting, strategic and creative services for your brands. We work towards spreading knowledge and awareness about the best branding techniques and towards educating our clients with the best luxury practices. This starts with some soul searching, looking deep inside the heart of a brand and helping them connect with their core audiences to build a loyal community centered on purpose and culture
Brand Consultation
Start your brand journey with us with a meeting with our founder for advice and guidance. Book a meeting for a one-on-one consultation session about business and the luxury industry. This is the first step before engaging us for further services.

*First consultation session free.
Cost: INR 1500 per session. Duration: 1 hour

Brand Audit
For existing brands who want to know where their brands stand today. Get a detailed comparative evaluation of your business with a proposed action plan for what to do next based on what’s happening in the industry today. Includes a 10-15 page Brand Audit Report and 2 meetings.

Cost: INR 10,000.
Duration: 2 weeks

Brand Strategy
Your comprehensive brand strategy is your first step towards building a strong foundation for your business. A strong brand strategy helps you create a solid brand image to outshine your competitors and deliver outstanding experiences to your audiences across all touchpoints. A luxury strategy begins and ends with its customer’s experiences, trying to deliver an unmatched unique experience.

Cost: Project Basis
Duration: 4-6 weeks

Market Research
SWOT & Competitor Analysis
Values & Principles
Vision, Mission & Purpose
Brand Positioning, Journey & Milestones
Market & Target Audience Profile
Audience Journey
Brand Identity
Your Brand Identity defines everything that your brand believes in and stands for. Includes both visual and core identity development. It defines the brand’s DNA, the brand universe, the emotions it’s trying to evoke, tone, style, behaviour, etc. Brand Identity is the external aspect of your brand, something that your audiences can see and experience across all touchpoints. Setting a foundation for the visual and creative voice for all your content and channels.

Cost: Project Basis
Duration: Project Basis

Brand Mark & Logo
Typography & Fonts
Moodboard & Color Palette
Style Guide
Story & Messaging
Brand Personality & Culture
Visual & Communication Tone
Branding Collateral Design
It’s important that your brand’s presence is felt by your stakeholders across all touchpoints. A brand is more than just a name printed on a product or packaging, it is an experience designed by us to evoke emotions in our customers and colleagues. Whether they’re stationery you use around the office, hang tags or labels on your products, thank you notes or message cards you send across with your deliveries or your brand documents. Luxury strives to treat them like they’re a part of your brand’s journey every step of the way!

Cost: Project Basis
Duration: Project Basis

Packaging Design
Hang Tags
Stickers & Label Design
Shopping Bags
Gift Cards & Vouchers
Thank You Cards
Wrapping Paper
Message Cards
Letterheads & Envelopes
Business Cards
Brand Guides & Brochures
Brand Presentations
Brand Imagery (Brand Shoots)
Let’s face it- your audiences’ first interaction with your brand is always visual. Before you’re even given the chance to present your elevator pitch or tell your brand story, they’ve already laid eyes on you and already formed an opinion. Which is why it is very important to define your brand’s visual language by way of imagery and brand films/videos.

Cost: Project Basis
Duration: Project Basis

Campaign Design
Moodboard & Concept Board
Art & Creative Direction
Styling, Props & Set up
Studio & Equipment Renting
Shooting & Post Production
E-Commerce & Website
Chances are, before your customers come to you, they’ve already visited your e-commerce platforms and website. They’ve already made a perception about your brand and have already received the message you’ve put out for them. Given the importance of the website for your brand, it is important that you ensure the customer experience is smooth and the interface easy to navigate. The ultimate goal of luxury is to make its audiences’ lives easier after all! From clear messaging to true and complete information and easy checkouts, your online platforms are your most important source of interaction.

Cost: Project Basis
Duration: Project Basis

Website Design
Website Development
Website Content
E-Commerce Training
E-Commerce Catalogue Set Up
Website Analytics Training
E-Marketing Strategy
Social Media, Content & Communication
You know what they say- Content is king! We couldn’t agree more. In today’s day and age where people’s attention span is no more than a few seconds, it’s important you produce good quality, valuable content. Especially when it comes to your social media and communication networks. Visual works that are interesting, easy to read and understand and have the ability to capture the audiences’ attention is what it’s all about!

Cost: Project Basis
Duration: Project Basis

Social Media Strategy
Social Media Set Up
Post Plans & Grid Design
Communication Strategy
Communication Design
Content Development
Campaign Management
Blogs & Articles
Online Advertising
*Prices are subject to change without any prior notice and may vary from one client to another. .